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Search Engines - How They Work?

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Google - How A Search Engine Really Works

Hundreds of millions of pages are available on the World Wide Web and one can get amazing variety of information on various topics. No doubt it’s good news for the millions of users. But almost all of them are sitting there on the servers with cryptic languages and it’s hard to find out what’s in the pages. That is the reason most of the people use the search engines to find out the relevant pages about certain topics.

Search engines are designed in a special way to help people find out the useful information provided on the different sites on the Internet. Search engines do a whole lot of things but their three major tasks are searching for the important words on the Internet, indexing them where they find the words and allowing the users to have a look at them. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.

In the earlier days of the Internet the search engines used to index a few hundred pages and they might get a thousand or two requests for the important words a day. On the other hand, a top search engine indexes hundreds of millions of pages and responses to tens of millions of requests.

So, how does the search engine work? The first major task is the web crawling. Before a search engine can tell you about a particular website and the content it needs to find the website first. Search engines use special software robots known as spiders to crawl the hundreds of millions of websites for the new information. A spider then lists the pages and the process is called search web crawling. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.

So, how does a realy search for the information on the Web? It usually starts with the most popular websites and then index the pages and the new words on the pages. Spider ensures following all the links within the site. The master of search engine Google uses 3 spiders at a time in the initial days. At their peak, Google uses 4 spiders to crawl the millions of WebPages. At a time, the crawlers could crawl over 100 pages per second. As a result these spiders could generate 600 kilobytes of data in each second. Google also had its own DNS to prevent the delays in indexing. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.

When the Google spider goes through a HTML webpage it looks into two things mainly. It looks into the words present on the page and the places where the words are found. The words that are used in the titles, meta tags or in the sub title of the pages are taken with importance. Words used in other important places are also given priority over the other words. Some spiders other than Google use different types of approaches and some spiders give importance to the most frequently used 100 words or every word on the first twenty lines. Spiders of AltaVista crawl and index every single word on a page including the articles and the other insignificant words.

The site gives sometimesimportance to the meta tags. Meta tags allow the site owner to list their important content and major keywords. Meta tags can help the search engines in finding the right meaning of the words since a single word can be defined differently. But sometimes the owner of the site tries to make the site beneficial only by adding major stuffs on the meta tags that have nothing to do with the page content within the site. Spiders are specially equipped to correlate the meta tags with the site content and if the site fails to correlate the spiders rather penalize the site. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.

Site owners want their sites to be crawled and indexed fast and properly to be showed up on the top ranking in the search results. But sometimes owners of the sites may want some pages not to be indexed or crawled. For such requirements of the site owners the robot exclusion protocol was developed. With this one can include a robot text and can make the spiders to leave the page alone. The spiders also obey such orders and leave the pages and the links.

And how do the spiders index the easch and every pages? Once the spiders complete the data crawling, they start storing the data in a way so that they can be used when necessary. Saying when the data collection is completed is wrong because it is a never ending process and the crawlers are crawling all the moment. However, once crawled, the data is needed to be indexed and made accessible to the users. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.

In order to make the search results useful to the users, most of the search engines are designed to store more than the words and the URLs. A search engine can store the number of times a word is placed on a site. It will also store how and where they appear. It will rightly store if the words are used in the titles, in the sub titles or in the meta tags. Every search engine has different storing formula of its own and that is the reason why a same site comes on different ranking in different search engines.

The effeciantly of google spider indexing is something that can be discussed a little. Index has one simple purpose and that is to find the stored information quickly. Building the hash table is important to effectively index the data. This is a useful formula that is designed to distribute the entries across a predetermined number of divisions. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.

Search engines have become an important part of our daily lives. Searching through the Internet involves a special design. A user builds a query and submits it through the search engine. The user needs to make sure the search term is precise and simple. The complex or difficult queries require the use of the Boolean operators in your search. However, Boolean operators will allow the user to refine or extend the search terms. For the better search results it is always better to use the simple words though the search engine searches.

The most popular searches that are performed by the Boolean operators are literal searches. The search engine looks for the exact words or phrases that the user uses. But many a time a words stands for many meanings and you may be looking for a single meaning of the term. You can even go for the concept-based searching or the natural-language query to quench the insatiable look hunt through the search engines. Free Quote From West Palm Beach Florida to Miami Dade 561-324-2946.