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Must Have Utility Programs


Google Toolbar from Google

One-click download link


If you use Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, you can use Google to search from any Web site location without returning to the Google home page. Internet Explorer 5.5 or above users can take advantage of its great pop-up blocker!
Cost: Free


ZoneAlarm from Zone Labs, Inc.

  One-click download link
This is my favorite firewall. Made by Zone Labs, it will render your computer invisible to hackers’ probes. Hackers run scanning programs over the Internet, looking for computers with electronic openings, called ports. A good firewall such as ZoneAlarm makes your computer invisible to the scanners.
The goal of these intruders is to place a Trojan horse on your computer. The rogue program uses the open port previously identified by a scanner. However, ZoneAlarm blocks those transmissions. They can only go through if you agree. Always say no, unless you recognize the program.
Cost: Free for personal use

AVG Antivirus from Grisoft

Download link


This antivirus program not only protects your computer against viruses, worms and malicious code - it's free! AVG AntiVirus allows you to scan on demand or at scheduled times. It also features an e-mail scanner that supports most e-mail programs such as Outlook Express and Eudora.
Cost: Free


Belarc Advisor from Belarc, Inc.

One-click download link

This little gem will tell you exactly what you’ve got on your computer. It takes seconds to run and produces a window of easy-to-read information. Belarc displays information on hardware and software.
Cost: Free for personal use

Ad-aware from Lavasoft

Download link

This program finds spyware, also known as adware. These are little programs that advertising companies place on our computers. They report back on our browsing habits. Run Ad-aware weekly, and get this garbage off your hard drive.
Cost: Free

Spybot Search and Destroy from PepiMK

Download link

This program finds spyware, also known as adware. These are little programs that advertising companies place on our computers. They report back on our browsing habits. It allows you to fix registry inconsistencies related to adware.
Cost: Free

Cloudmark SpamNet 2.1

Download Now

Cloudmark SpamNet saves you time by protecting you from spam automatically. The service is worry-free, so you just install it in minutes and forget about it. Don't just protect yourself, protect your friends, family, and the world from spam by joining the first and largest spamfighting community.
SpamNet keeps over 95% of spam out of your inbox automatically, so spam doesn't steal time from your day. If a spam message does slip thru into your inbox, you just click the Block button and you and the hundreds of thousands of community members don't get that spam ever again.
Don't let spam change the way you do e-mail like other anti-spam products require. SpamNet just works instantly with no changes to your e-mail and it gets better every second with the growth of the community.
Free $4 to buy

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