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The Value of
Google Web Analytics
Optimizing Your Website For Google Analytics

Configure Target Marketing Programs For Google Analytics
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The value of web analytics
“You cannot improve what you cannot measure” is an age-old truth, which for some
reason seemed to be oblivious to marketers who tended to operate in a vacuum.
However, web marketing has altered all that, with the availability of
sophisticated tracking tools and making marketers more accountable to questions
on ROI. As web marketing technology has advanced, so has the domain of web
analytics, which is now a sizeable industry in itself. 

For anybody serious about using online marketing, web analytics is
indispensable. It helps one truly understand their website users: who their
users are, what they are looking for, how long, where do they come from and
where do they exit the site. This kind of in-depth knowledge about site visitors
is critical in making objective and informed decisions about a site, rather than
basing critical decisions on somebody’s whims and fancies, an all-pervasive
problem that continues to exist even today in many organizations.

PDF Guide to
Google Analytics

Google analytics will help you to:

• Define or modify your content strategy: Are you providing the right amount of
information to your users? Is it good quality information? Are visitors
immediately exiting a page? These questions can be easily answered with the
information provided by most of the common web analytics tools.

• Define or modify your web marketing strategy: Are the right kind of users
landing up on your website? For example, if you notice that your primary target
market is residents of California, but the traffic to your site comes from
Chicago, then there is something not right. Or, for that matter, if all the
conversions on the site are happening due to organic search engine traffic, but
you are spending a lot of money on paid search marketing, then it is a clear
indicator that you need to address your paid search marketing efforts.

• Evaluate the efficacy of your website’s user interface and usability: How does
the placement of a particular link or addition of a new visual element impact
the conversions on your site? Are users getting lost in a maze and not
performing a desired action because they are not able to? Click-streams from
your website should give quite a good evidence on some of these problems.

• Identify and fix technical problems: Very often, several technical problems on
a site go unnoticed, which may be preventing users from performing the desired
actions and driving them away. Keeping a close watch on web metrics ensure that
you can quickly detect problems and fix them to minimize the damage to your

Google Analytics Learning Center

SEO Experts

Google Analytics Experts

Website Optimizer Experts in West Palm Beach

    • Organic SEO
    • Link Building
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Position Reporting
    • Traffic Analysis
    • Content Development
    • Structural Analysis
    • Internal Optimization


    • Analysis & Setut
    • Performance Indicators
    • Custom Reporting
    • Training & Consultation
    • Marketing Integration
    • eCommerce Reporting
    • Multivariate Testing
    • Split A/B Testing
    • Experiment Design
    • Page Modifications
    • Landing Page Development
    • Conversion Analysis
    • Conversion Optimization


Paid Search Experts

  • Shopping
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Bid Management
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Ad Optimization (A/B)
  • GA Integration
  • Reporting


  • Database Development
  • Complex Programming
  • Custom Javascript
  • .NET, .ASP, PHP
  • Automated Data Feeds
  • Custom Interfaces
  • GA eCommerce Setup
  • Shopping Engine Interfaces

SEO Shopping Conversion & Optimumation

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Bid Management
  • Interface Monitoring
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Reporting

The web analytics challenges


Let’s face it—despite the burgeoning online marketing industry and the
consequent demand for web analytics, the proportion of people using web
analytics optimally is relatively small. There are a couple of factors dictating

• The Cost: Or rather the perception of cost. True, the really high-end web
analytics tools that can provide all kinds of information may cost quite a sum,
but most companies can make do without these. There are a host of reasonably
robust web traffic measurement tools that are either available for free or a
nominal fee. Investing a small amount in these tools is more than worth it.

Google integrated web analytics tool Urchin into its product offerings
and is now offered free (Google Analytics). While it is by no means the best
analytics tool, the level of information it provides is more than sufficient for
small to medium sized companies to evaluate their websites, understand their web
usage patterns and take appropriate action. For marketers advertising with
Google Adwords, reporting tools from Adwords together with Analytics is a
powerful combination.

Learning Google Adwords


• Understanding web analytics: This is probably an even bigger challenge,
because a lot of people find it difficult to understand the whole slew of
numbers that these tools offer.

Web marketers with a solid experience in deciphering web traffic
reports can add considerable value in this regard. If you are outsourcing your
online marketing to a company, it is important to understand the measurement
capabilities possessed by the agency and how they use it.

Defining key web metrics

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It is important to understand that web analytics tools do not provide everything
to you on a platter in clear black and white. What you will get is a lot of
information, which will need to be analyzed and interpreted to enable effective

Also, with the volume of data that is available today, it can be very easy to
get sidetracked and spend a lot of time evaluating numbers that may not be as
relevant. Therefore, one of the most important things to take note of when using
any web analytics tool is to clearly define the key metrics that you want to
have tracked. These are the metrics that really impact your business: for eg.,
page view may have considerable weight for an online publication operating on
a cost per thousand (CPM) impressions advertising model, but it is not half as
relevant for a consultancy service.

You should also ensure that the tool’s definition of a particular metric is in
sync with the attribute that you want measured; else, your decisions will be
based on erroneous interpretation, the consequence of which are seldom


10 Ways To Increase Your Adwords Quality Score – A Mini
Case Study

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SEO Daily Tip!

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4. Create your own unique content that is also quality content.

5. Search engines want natural language content so write to the speed of your audience.

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